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Tips 'n' Tricks for my fav game NFS 3

Burning Love Dept. Who says we didn't start the fire? Turn the wick up with these great Lyrics.

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Unusual Words : The Stuff they should teach you in school

I Care

Colonel Fazackerley
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Stormy Nights
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You are now inside Rajazone ver1.01. The little 1 at the end is due to minor changes in the structure of the web pages. The HTML coding has had its valves ground to make the pages load marginally faster. A couple of errors in the logic of HTML have been corrected, which should hopefully result in better searchability. Hey, come back, the rest of this page is much more interesting.

Red Hot and Racing: The Need For Speed section now has even more Pedal to the Metal action for the motor racing enthusiast. Unorthodox tactics, truly dirty cheats and cool screenshots make this page a compulsory pitstop for the die hard speed freak.

Keep that flame alive with the Burning Love dept. Ignite your karaoke with Lyrics to more than 50 smouldering tracks! Man, am I glad I don't live next door to you.

Verse than ever before: The totally new Unusual Words section includes two very rare children's poems from James Whitcomb Riley. If you're still young enough to be afraid of ghosties, beasties and things that go bump in the night, drop in on Colonel Fazackerley, the original Ghostbuster.

Should I mention the tech info section? I'll take the risk. A brand new discussion on Absolute and Relative URLs plus the usual assortment of browser bugs, coding issues and the wonder of Stylesheets should keep the Geek in you happy. If you have anything to say, my inbox is always open