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Do you really want to read this ?

This site has been built using HTML 4 with CSS for extra spice and includes Inline Frames cause I felt like it. A sprinkling of Javasript makes this a feast for your eyes. All this means you need a fairly modern browser to view this site. Internet Explorer 6 is the best browser for this site, despite it's tendency to close all windows and sulk. If you want to know more about the eccentricities of various browsers, visit Browsers in the Tech Info section.

If you want to save any of the pages on this site exactly as they appear, you will have to use the Save As, Web Page Complete feature of IE else the linked stylesheet will not be saved and the page will look terrible. Note that the background graphic will not be saved. If you want it, you will have to save it seperately.

You must have already read that little message boxes pop up when you hold the mouse over a link. In some browsers, the message is displayed in the status bar, rather than in the box. Watch out for them. The information is meant to give you a description of what you can expect when you click on the link. Sometimes, I've included the download size as well, just in case your internet connection is as slow as mine. Please note, the actual download will be larger, depending on what tripod adds to the page.

When the box says 'Opens Inline', the link is opened inside an inline frame. However, 'New Window' means the link opens in a new browser instance. This is because you may want to save all or part of the information in the linked document, and browsers (both the humans as well as their applications) are not very good at saving frames. When it doesn't say anything, it means the link opens in the same, unframed window unless ofcourse, I've forgotten to mention something .

If you haven't turned Stylesheets off, you must be reading large grey text on a white blackground (I call these the grey pages). This is because I find small black text on a white background difficult to read on a monitor, due to the high level of contrast. I don't know if the grey pages are any better, but they sure look good!

Blue text represent links which turn red when you hover. Holding the mouse over Green Text gives you more information about the text, such as expansions for acronyms and abbreviations.

If you want to know the design details of this site, you are welcome to view the source code (which is very nice of me, since I can't stop you from doing so ). You will find my HTML and Stylesheets fairly well commented. If you use IE 6 or 5.5 to view the 'Burning Love' section, you will find a really cool scrolling index. The source code for the page gives the Javascript as well as details about the author. This script works in Navigator 4.7 as well, but not in Navigator 6 or Opera. Just one more good reason to use IE.

Whenever I mention the name of any website, product or the like, I'm merely giving credit where credit is due, and not promoting the product. The only promotions you'll find here are the banner ads inserted by Tripod, over which I have no control. There is a disadvantage to these ads, which is their inclusion in every single page. This means that a page that has an Inline Frame will have two ads, which totally ruins my careful design, besides causing other problems. This is why my site includes very few inline frames, which is a pity 'cos I've become quite fond of them.

What's an Inline Frame? When one portion of the page changes but the rest remains static, you have encountered a frame. An inline frame causes a document to be generated inside another document. The advantage is, only the contents of the frame has to downloaded, instead of the entire page which is a waste of time and money, as the rest of the page remains the same. The disadvantage is poor browser support particularly from the guys at Netscape, who have only now acknowledged the existence of inline frames.