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Opera is the only distinct browser discussed here, as the other two are just variations of the browsers mentioned earlier. Opera excites with it's possibilities but frustrates with it's performance. However, the emergence of a third browser is good news for those who (like me) are tired of the Microsoft-Netscape war. Kinda like the Williams BMW team minus the impressive results. Mosaic also finds mention here, but for all the wrong reasons.


Promises so much and delivers so little. The wierdo of the pack. Consider this: Inline Frames are turned off by default. I have wasted a lot of time and effort visiting sites with info I'm looking for only to be faced with large blank spaces and have come away cursing the webmaster when all along it's been Opera's fault. Thanks a lot, guys! The add-bar slows down my internet speeds to a crawl. CSS compliance is 'peculiar' and Java Scripts that run on both IE and Navigator strike work here. Sigh! Has it's own 'light' HTML rendering engine or whatever which is good for a surprise or two. The claim of being the fastest browser on earth goes down in flames on my P-233. The most irritating feature by far is the title of a link appearing in the status bar instead of the location. I'm sure I'm not the only guy out there who likes to see where he is heading. A point in it's favour is the ability to save complete web page... no, wait a sec, that feature doesn't work!
In theory, this should be the best browser around. It is extensively customisable, and offers a large number of features, options and adjustments which put the advanced user in total control. Unfortunately, in a real world test, it does not deliver the goods everytime and I wouldn't rely on it in an emergency. Future versions should be worth looking out for.


Definitely an Enigma. I've yet to figure out how to get rid of the home page! That aside, this browser which runs on the same components as IE is very impressive, offering the advantages of IE without the tendency to crash. Just as bad as IE when it come to frames.


Practically the same as, and slightly faster than Netscape 6. The animated icon and hourglass sometimes contiue after the page has loaded, which is both irritating as well as misleading. The mysterious Gecko makes an appearance here as well.

MOSAIC 2.1.1

I installed this browser purely out of curiosity and a desire to test my site on as many different browsers as possible. This browser refuses to run, citing missing components as the reason. It also refuses to uninstall due to some problem with the log file, so I am stuck with a useless piece of software on my hard disk. I don't know whom to blame for this, but it's not the way to impress any prospective user. If anyone can get this browser to work or uninstall, please let me know how.

So now you've built your website, tested it on every browser and need to put it on the net, so every Tom, Dick and Harry can find fault with it. You need to find someone to host your site, preferably for free atleast in the beginning.

This site is hosted by It is completely free, but every page of your site will have a banner ad inserted to promote something or the other. This is not a bad deal, considering you get 21mb of storage space.

Enough about websites. I told you I wasn't originally interested in HTML for site building. You're going to have to click the mouse on the link to find out other uses for HTML


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